How to Encourage Children to Read Books

Kids have so many distractions today. They can either play the tablet or listen to music coming from their smartphones. If they get tired with their smartphones, they will play games in their console or watch different shows in the television. These gadgets make everything easy but at the expense of relationships and study. Kids … Read more…

Actress Janine Turner Talks about Raising an American Patriot

Did your kids learn how to sing the Preamble to the Constitution from Schoolhouse Rock? Could they explain what the words mean to them if you asked? Actress turned activist Janine Turner, best known for her roles in Northern Exposure, Friday Night Lights and Strong Medicine, has become what she calls the “Crazy Constitution Lady” … Read more…

Who Was Our First President?

Did you know George Washington was not our first president?*
Did you know, as a country, we’ve had two Constitutions?**
Do you know what’s important about the Constitution and the Federalist Papers?***
Did you know if you talk to your kids about what’s important about the Constitution, they could win $2,000, an opportunity to be on TV and a free trip to Philadelphia?

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Free Books through a New Swapping Website

Want to read The Carrie Diaries or Karl Rove’s new autobiography but don’t want to spend $25?
While the library is still a great place to take the kids this summer, you can also get books through a new website called . It’s free to join and offers both books and audiobooks to its members. All you do is pay shipping for the books you want.

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