I just enjoyed a fantastic day playing golf with my nephew, Eric Meller, who has been a PGA Tour caddy for ten years.
Eric’s clients have included Andrew Magee, Cameron Beckman, and his current employer: Corey Pavin.
Oh, and by the way, he shoots scratch golf.
Anyhow, I was thoroughly entertained by Eric’s tales of what touring pros are REALLY like. And it inspired me to pick today’s FamilyFirst site: Caddybytes. Here’s their mission: was founded by veteran tour caddy and CEO Bob Whitbread in the Spring of 2002. Caddybytes is an ongoing weekly compilation of golf tournament stories, news, professional caddy profiles and interviews from our own unique ‘inside the ropes’ perspective. Our goal is to make Caddybytes an interesting and enjoyable weekly experience for the on line fans of professional tournament golf.
What I found most enjoyable about the site was the Tournaments Page. It features lots of past tournaments and details about the caddies who carried for the winners.
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You know, caddying is not an easy living. Your income depends DIRECTLY on how your pro does, and is quite unpredictable. Health insurance, vacation pay, they come from the caddy’s pocket. So here’s to those who trudge around a golf course (about six or seven miles) carrying thirty pounds or more. Your employers depend heavily upon you, ladies and gentlemen.

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