Banph The Adventure

By Joel Comm February 23, 2005 2 Comments   

Movie serials were popular in the 1930’s and 1940’s. These episodic cliffhangers brought generations of kids, both young and old, to the theatres to see the latest installment, and see how the hero got out of the predicament they got into last week. It was, and still is, great entertainment. Today, the Family First Site visits a site that captures that same nostalgic feeling.

The Internet can be used to provide an episodic type of entertainment, as today’s site shows. Called Banph, it is the tale of an unlucky ant knight’s endeavors to defend his kingdom against enemies of the Carpenter Empire. The adventures of Banph take place in a future world where insects rule earth. Humans, and mammals in general, no longer exist on the planet. Many insect species have evolved and adopted human characteristics. Their current way of life parallels the human Middle Ages. Dogged by Cedrich, the cricket minstrel who insists upon recording the ant’s deeds in song, he encounters such foes as red slavers, barbaric beetles, and marauding locust. This is only the first installment from Left Handed Creations (love that name, as I am a southpaw as well), and based on the quality of this, more would be welcomed.
My children loved this site. The artwork is great, the story moves without dragging, and is just plain fun. Let your young one visit, and be sure to drop an email to Left Handed Creations (even if you’re not a southpaw).

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2 Comments to “Banph The Adventure”
  1. maddie says:
    I can not fund the second chapter anywhere on the web. I even emailed the dudes who wrote it and they never responded. Some thing weird is definantly going on with this story.
  2. Christopher says:
    Rich, they remind me of Flint Stones.

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