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I have had a reputation for years of knowing a lot about just about everything. I didn’t try to do it, it just happened. I guess all of those years of watching “Jepordy” and playing “Trivial Pursuit” have finally started to pay off. At least I thought so, until I came across today’s Family First Site, which features a wide variety of topics and information.

The site is called Ask Anne Mitchell. This is a site where you can (and are encouraged to) do just that… ask Anne Mitchell. You can question here about anything under the sun (and above the sun as well, if that is where you are wondeing about). Anne Mitchell is a noted attorney, anti-spam expert, fathers’ rights advocate, columnist,and attachment parenting educator, anything…anything at all. If she doesn’t know the answer, she’ll point you to someone who does.
The subjects that are covered here are wide ranging. Everything from Starbuck coffee to Quantum mattresses to a favorite game site. They are all here. If you don’t see what you are looking for, just ask Anne. After all, that is why the site is here. There is a blog area, personals section, and even a food and recipes section. Like I said, something for just about everyone.
So if you have a question that has been bugging you, and you don’t know who to ask, just ask Anne. That is the name of the site, and also is what it is here for. Not a bad place to bookmark, as you never know when you might need it.

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  1. I meet a wonderfull guy that will do anything for me and my 19 month old son he truly is the best the only problem is that one of my friends (not someone i hang out with only talk to on facebook) said that hes hit her (they used to date) but i think that shes mad because were together and shewated to get back with him i really like this guy and so does my son we all get along great and hes never shown any signs of wanting to hit me or we never had a fight or a disagrment i dont kno what i should do should i leave him or just wait it out and see what happends he siad that hes never put a hand on any female in his life can you help me out with this problem please

  2. So my husband had an affair/one night stand with a “friend” of his and in result a baby was born. I thought I could handle it but I can’t stand for the baby to be around us b/c he only reminds me of the hurt and pain his parents forced on me. So the baby mama has asked my husband to sign over his rights before but he said no. But after thinking about it I told him he should agree. I think it would better our family and doesn’t mean he has to turn his back on him it just means he has no right and she can’t ask him for ANYTHING! right? I feel like she knew his situation and still it didnt mean a thing to her so since she “wanted” this child so much then she can raise it. I shouldn’t have to be punished. Can he sign his rights over?

  3. I am in dire straits due to the unfair child support laws and lack of help for dads that actually do pay their support. I have recently been served” arrearages” due for the past 6 years because of a verbal agreement we had and I had paid faithfully. Now my ex is upset and found out how to continue getting money after our children turn 18. I have already paid a lawyer in Virginia over 4 thousand dollars only to be told that I will have to pay this said arrearage due to the court order. The DCSE treats me like I am a criminal and will not help in any manner. How can this be happening to someone who has always cared for their children and paid support? You always hear about “deadbeat dads” but what about the thousands who are being strong-armed by child services and ex spouses? Please, I have a wife and 4 year old now and on the verge of becoming homeless due to the injustices by these child service places and the lack of insight as to how they are run.
    Any help with this story and how we can shed light on it would be greatly appreciated.
    Not your average deadbeat dad

  4. HI
    My name is Keyra. I am currently 7 months pregnant and the father of the baby and i are getting are separated and i am trying to get a divorce. He is currently in jail waiting to go on trial for aggravated domestic assault on me. And I was wondering if there is any way I can start getting child support now wile im pregnant.

  5. Dear Ann,
    My husband recently had mediation over the phone in family court to work out issues with a parenting time schedule. Conveniently, his declaration and exhibits were misplaced and the mediator seemed to dismiss his concerns and turn the blame onto him. He tried to help the mediator understand the mother of his child should not be able to get away with lying, especially when it prevented an increase in parenting time. My husband expressed frustration and disappointment towards the mediator for not taking into consideration his side. The mediator sent out her recommendation and findings. She stated my husband was angry most of the meeting and she felt he didn’t support the relationship between the mother and his child. This is completely false. He was not angry. This is a very harsh word to use and in my opinion it was used incorrectly. He did not yell or use any type of offensive language. He expressed frustration because he felt the mediator was acting in a biased manner. The mother lied in her responsive declaration stating my husband told her not to say I love you anymore to their son. My husband encourages their son to say this every contact with the mother and actually asked her to please not say I miss you in a sad tone that may upset their son while he is away from his mother. The mediator used that against him in her findings and said that she did not understand why he might tell the mother not to say I love you. The mediator pulled this out of the mother’s responsive declaration when she wrote her review. This entire recommendation I believe was set up from the start. My husband has a 7 page declaration and the mediator stated she had reviewed it in her findings but did not acknowledge any of his concerns regarding the mother’s behavior. Could my husband dispute the validity of the mediator’s review on the day he attends court and possibly have another rescheduled with a new mediator? I feel that this was done on purpose to my husband. Will the Judge be willing to listen to the recorded meeting to prove his case?

  6. Hi, OK I know some people are going to think bad of me for this but oh well. My husband had an affair with a woman he used to work with (about 2 years ago). Well she ended up pregnant and had the baby. I just found out about all this, the boy is around 14 months old i think. My husband has been paying her $300 every 2 weeks as child support and to keep her from telling me. Well ever since he started paying her $600 a month, our finances have went into the toilet we are barely making it check to check and i cant buy anything our kids need other than basic necessities. We have 3 kids BTW. My in-laws have been basically keeping us afloat and buying the kids clothes and such. I think hes paying her WAY too much for one kid especially since i dont spend that much on 2 babies (2 yrs and 10 months) in like 2 or 3 months. OK sorry for rambling, my question is what the heck are his rights here? she knew he was married when she started pursuing him and obviously she wasnt protecting herself from getting pregnant. I know hes to blame too, but isnt she accountable for her part also? my kids shouldnt be paying for a mistake made by both of them. Please help, I just need some advice on where to go with this so we dont stay in the gutter while shes having her house and car basically paid for by my husband. Thank you.

    • i think that he sould take her to court and get it court order that he pay child support itll more then likely drop less then what hes paying now.

  7. Dear Anne, I am desperate for help on a child support mod. that was filed in 01 by my former wifes husband (he represented us in a chapter 7 in Sept.1998 she filed for divorce in Oct. 1998 and I was told by my attorney that he was in love with my wife) they married in July of 1999. I WAS NEVER AWARE OF THIS MODIF. UNTIL AFTER MY DAUGHTER TURNED 18 in March 2007. I hired a handwritting expert who testified that I DID NOT SIGN THOSE DOUCMENTS AGREEING TO THE MODIF. however, I had to go to court where they are friendS with the judge and he ruled in there favor despite my expert witnesses test.PLEASE CONTACT US WE NEED HELP!

  8. Hello I am hoping your organization can help. I have been going through a post-divorce situation that has done irreparable damage to my relationship with my children and the courts have allowed it.
    I got divorce June 2006 and my ex agreed to no child support. In October my ex goes to the Judge and says that my father molested my children and that since I was present that I should has a CPO against me also. The courts blindly honored this for 4 months I did not get to see my children. The accusations were false of course, but my relationship with my children will never be the same, because of the inadequate job the courts did on belaying and avoiding making a decision. Then she moved out of our school district and the courts did nothing.
    My ex admitted in court that she was not allowing me to see them when I was supposed to but nothing is done. She was working second shift and our Decree states that if either is not with the children that the other has a right to get them. I was denied this and the court did nothing. Magistrate Zafarana actually said, “Since Michele’s only days off are Wednesday and Thursday we need to figure out a way for her to have that time.” Those were my visiting days during the week. My ex refused me over 200 days last year and nothing is being done.
    I also have a letter were she wrote that she is changing the children’s cell phone numbers and not giving them to me. The court seen this and ignored it, not even John Kovacs (GAL) who is supposed to be for the children went to the judge and had her stop. I did not get phone privileges until months later when my ex decided to give me them not the court though.
    I have seen one child only once since my father died in September and that was at Christmas. The other ones come over very little, because the court have allowed her to alienate me from my children in hope to dissolve shared parenting and she so far is succeeding.
    They told us we were going to go back to our original Decree and that was that. Then the case timed out and they have allowed her to start this all back up. Then they issued us to either go to jail or go to counseling. I went my ex said she had an appointment. She lied, then she went to court on Nov. 14th and lied again and said she had an appointment on the 15th. The courts said she has until 3:00 on Friday the 16th to show counseling. Once again she lied and showed proof of counsel on the 21st, but she was supposed to go to Phil Verda. She did not, and now the Magistrate is saying that both of us must show why we have not done counseling. The courts again are politically correct, and gender bias.
    Since This has all started I am on my second attorney and have paid over $5000.00 for them to tell me I must get along with someone I have divorce, is changing her mind and wants money, and is doing nothing to resolve issues through counseling.
    The thing that hurts the most is that the kids are the ones suffering and the courts don’t care, because they should be visiting with me. Now that the court has allowed her to teach them to accuse to get things, I now fear for my own well being. Even though the Prosecutor called and said no evidence was found to investigate. I fear that they will accuse me again, they had done it in the past.
    Thank you for reading this.

  9. I don’t know where to begin. I’ll try to make it short. My boyfriend is getting divorced, they were married for 9 years and have 2 kids (girl born 2004 and boy 2006) together and she had 1 (I think he is 8 or 9 now) in a previous marriage. He is a victim of domestic violence and she was arrested in Nov. 2007. In Dec. 2007 made allogations that her husband had abused his daughter so he could not see his children. (I met him after Christmas 2007) He didn’t have any documents stating he couldn’t see them. He had a No Contest order on his wife but nothing about his kids. In April I believe, he went to their church and saw his daughter for no more than 5 minutes. (I was there waiting in the car) May 9th Washington County (Oregon) picked him up and charged him with 4 counts of Encouraged Child Sex Abuse2. He wanted to have a hearing with Dept of Human Resources but since he is in a county jail, I’m not sure how to go about getting him help. I have talked to a couple of criminal attorneys and their rates are phenominal. I am all he has here. His family resides in Tennessee. I have searched the i-net and have seen how women are wanting to have their kids without the father involved and will go to the lengths to say that their kids are being abused when maybe in fact the mother is abusing the kids. I’m sorry to make this so long. Is there anything I can do??

  10. Dear Anne and Readers,
    I am a proud father of one,I have been fighting for fair access to my son for 9yrs.Many a times have reached total loneliness,penniless and hopeless moments!
    At the point of total despair I got on my hands and knees and prayed for more strength,in those prayers I preyed:dear God if you take care of my son and I’s time together and finances I promise I will fight for other fathers like me who dont have the strength to! God did take over with his promise compared to where we were,It is now time to do my part….I pray today for the strenght to fulfill my promise to those dads and MOMS who need help!
    I would like advice on starting a foundation to support this cause? We are still way under a rock and it is time to come out into the light!
    Down trodden dads have many common demographics that need to be brought to the lite of congress!!!
    My research reflects we are
    behind on taxes
    living in day to day accomodations
    threatened by alcohol
    threatened by suicidal thoughts
    under employed
    detached from who we love most
    To name a few
    I pray that there is an ear here as I begin my campaign which after three years I believe God has made my calling!
    The soul searching is done,pls send advice and help

  11. My family and I want to go on vacation to the Philippines and Europe next year and my ex husband refuse to sign the consent to renew our daughter’s passport. What can I do? We are all American citizens and there has never been any visitation issues. Can he really prevent us from going on vacations outside of the country?

  12. My brother is fighting for cusody of his 3 year old son.He has appeared in court 4 times regarding this matter. All the court suggests is mediation which does not work. My brothers ex has had 31 jobs in the last 3 years and no stable residence.dfys has been called on her two times, once by us and another from the hospital.Nothing was done on their part to help the situation.Now my brothers ex is lying to the police about abusing her to help her get child support.As of right now they have 50/50 and every other weekend. My brother has his son mon,tue,wed and every other weekend, She has him thur,friday every other weekend.This causes a problem with schooling.Although by brother has put him in school on his time. His ex stated at the last court hearing that her son was stupid and he needed to be seen by a specialist,Which without even talking to him the judge rules on him seeing a neurologic doctor and if he went to school it would have to be a school for special ed children. This is all a plea for her to get child support. The neurologic doctor said he was above average as we already knew but the court still does nothing about it.Now by brother has court dates for child support,abuse and cusody.Our court system is all on her side. We are at the end of our rope we need help

  13. hie
    My brother has been married for almost three years and they seperated with his wife almost a year brother is finally moving on and his ex is very jealousy sh is making my brothers life a living hell…they had a baby together and he would go see her alll the time up untill this other time she said to him he must pay her so that he could see his child although he was paying child support…he refused and so then she refused for him to see his child, she has recently moved to another place and did not tell me or my brother, we tried calling the police but they looked for her and founf her but would not give us her address, she has been claiming that my brother hits her, she’s been spread lie romours…can someone please advice me on what we can do …

  14. Dear Sir/Madam:
    I am an individual born in India. One of the Cameron County judges, in Texas U.S.A has tried to destroy my life. I was incarcerated in the Olmito Detention Center from April 3, 2003 to July 31, 2003, for not signing the consent of the application for a passport, for my 7 year old daughter. Judge Abel Limas of the 404th State District Court ordered that I sign the document or I would stay in the jail, until I sign the document. I did not sign, since I fear my ex-wife will abduct the child and take her to India. She had earlier abducted the child. The judge had knowledge of this previous incident. I believe that, there is abuse of official power, corruption, conspiracy and discrimination involved in my case. No action has been taken against the judge. After my release from the 4 months of incarceration, my previous employer, Trico refused to hire me back.
    Recently I talked to a local person here about my case. His immediate opinion was that, �the judge can put you in jail, because you are a foreigner, and your people bomb the twin towers�. I believe what the judge (who is a Hispanic) did is a post 9/11 hate crime against me as a South Asian. When I was going through my divorce, my ex-wife�s lawyer insulted me in front of the judge (another judge) by saying that I am acting like a Taliban. On the day when I was incarcerated for not signing the consent, one of my friends who attended my hearing was arrested by fabricating a case saying that he assaulted the Bailiff of the court. Even though he was released within few hours, while he was released his court appointed lawyer told him, that, they thought that, he was also from India that is why he was arrested. (He was actually a Hispanic, but he looked like an East Indian).
    The passport officials informed me, as per the Public Law 103-173, of the United States, both parents has to sign a consent to get the passport of a minor child, to avoid child abduction. And they informed me, if one parent fears that, the child will be abducted, then that parent need not sign the consent and no one including a judge can force to sign the consent
    I have no help here. I contacted many organizations here. I believe that someone is tapping my telephone and telling other people not to take my case. The same judge is still sitting in my case and now he is planning to terminate my parental rights, so that way my ex-wife could get the passport of the child by herself. If that happens I do not know what I will do.
    Can you help me in anyway.
    Very Sincerely
    Robert Thomas
    1025 Wildrose Lane #403 B
    Brownsville, TX 78520
    Ph. (956) 455-6237

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