Absolute Trivia

Who can resist trivia? Not me, that’s for sure.
That’s why today’s FamilyFirst site is absolutetrivia.com, the home of Cool Quiz!
Cool Quiz is a fun daily service available to AvantGo.com subscribers that provides a set of trivia questions every day. I was a big fan until my Palm Pilot broke :-(.
But there’s still lots of great fun available at the website. Try Scrambled Trivia, where you see a bunch of letters with a clue as to what they spell when unscrambled. Then, when you hold your mouse over them, they form the right answer. Pretty cool!

Check out Bad Predictions. Yes, Bill Gates really did ask who would ever need more than 640K of memory. And the IBM honcho really did predict that there would not be a world market for more than three or four computers. There are lots more, read them and enjoy.
Learn the trivia behind famous names. Did you know that James Bond was originally a Philadelphia ornithologist, and a friend of Bond creator Ian Fleming?
Find out trivia about nearly every subject. Examples: why do your joints pop? What familiar film was released in China as “Mysterious Murder in Snowy Cream?” What world conqueror said “History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon?”
So have a trivially great time at today’s FamilyFirst site. And kick butt the next time Jeopardy! is on!

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