A Family-Friendly Movie You’re Gonna Love

Tonight, across the country, a new film premieres that is rare – it’s family-focused! In the age of gratuitous slasher movies, it’s good to have a positive movie you can see with your older kids.

My Uncle Rafael (rated PG-13) tells the story of a 71-year-old Armenian man who gets wrapped up in a TV producer’s plan for a mid-season replacement reality show.  The premise: a screwed-up American family must follow everything Uncle Rafael tells them to do for a week while the cameras are rolling.

The award-winning film opens tonight, September 21, 2012 in limited release across the country. To find if it’s playing in a theater near you, click here.

The super-versatile actress, Missi Pyle, who has also starred in Galaxy Quest and Dodgeball, plays the wife of the family who “adopts” Uncle Rafael. Also in the film is John Michael Higgins whom you’ll recognize from Elf and the brilliant Christopher Guest movies like A Mighty Wind and Best in Show.

The real star is actor Vahik Pirhamzei who plays a duel role in the movie including Uncle Rafael and his son. Pirhamzei is a virtuoso actor who has performed in multi-character stage and TV shows in English, Armenian and Farsi. The character Uncle Rafael was born out of a stage show Pirhamzei performed for 3 years in Armenian communities. Scott Yagemann, the co-writer/co-producer of My Uncle Rafael, describes Pirhamzei as the Tyler Perry or Peter Sellers of Armenia.

In a review from Yerevan Magazine, here is a summary of the film: “Interjecting traditional, old country morals and family values into a fractured American family is the comic genesis behind the film My Uncle Rafael. In the current Hollywood film market of sequels and remakes, My Uncle Rafael is a fresh new comedy that quietly and subtly becomes an entertaining commentary on post-modern American culture.”

The film will introduce America to a rich culture not many of us know much about – Armenia, much like My Big Fat Greek Wedding a decade ago when it was released. Armenia is a country surrounded by Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

In an interview with Conservative Commandos Radio Show yesterday, Yagemann and director Marc Fusco boiled down the charm of the movie by saying it is about things that all people care about all over the world – being a family, enjoying our communities and appreciating older people in our cultures. “Everybody needs an uncle,” says Uncle Rafael.

Watch a little bit of this amazing new movie here:

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