7 Tips for Packing Up the Christmas Decorations

Maybe it’s a little early to think about packing up the holiday decorations just yet – but soon, you’ll emerge from the holiday glow and realize you need to get your house back to normal.

Intuitive consultant Jessica Derksen, owner of the organizers, give us 7 tips for making that packing experience a little easier.

When you pull everything back out in 11 months, you will be so glad you took the time to organize now.

It’s all in the Packaging

If you have an item that doesn’t fit into a box you already have or is hard to store, such as an odd-shaped dish or tall vase, buy a box that it fits in now.  It’s worth it – it will save you headaches and hassles. Derksen recommends measuring the item before heading out to the store so you buy the correct-sized box.  Her recommendation: The Container Store www.containerstore.com and click on Specialty Boxes.

Categorize and Put Like Items Together

She puts all her lights in one box and all her glass balls in another.  All soft ornaments go together, which she puts in a shoebox.

Protect Fragile Ornaments

“When you receive a fragile ornament keep the original box.  When it’s time to pack up the decorations you’ll be able to put the ornament away safely in its own box.  Some boxes already have a label of the contents already on the box, so it saves you the step of labeling,” writes Derksen.

Boxes Within Boxes

Store the smaller individually-boxed ornaments along with the “category” boxes inside medium-sized boxes that are easy to lift into storage.

Use Common Items You Have On Hand

Items like shoe boxes for flat or small ornaments; egg cartons for glass balls or small fragile ornaments; and Ziplock© bags for stockings, Santa cone hat, or stuffed animals.


Derksen suggests if you don’t want to spend the time putting each light bulb back into its original Styrofoam slot for each strand of lights invest in Extension Cord Storage Wraps from Home Depot for $.97 each.

Label, Label, Label

“The more detailed and specific you are the easier it is to find what you are looking for.  I write ‘C-mas’ in large, block letters on one side of the box.  Then I list specifically what is in the box in smaller letters underneath.  I make sure I store the boxes with the labels out so I can read the content’s list without moving the box.  The interior boxes are labeled too, on the top and side of each box.  Since these boxes are categories they are labeled ‘felt, crystal, crocheted, wooden, horns, garland, or egg head ornaments,’” she writes.

While this may sound like a lot of work, remember, once you’ve done it one time, it’s ready for you next year. You just have to put the things away correctly when you pack up your decorations after next year’s Christmas celebration.

Learn more about Derksen’s organizing business at www.theorganizers.biz.

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