6 Fantastic New Products that are Great for Mom and Fun for Kids

(via Press Release) These new products are guaranteed to help moms with everyday life and even bring a little fun and education for the kids.  From websites loaded with fabulous baby gear to the latest tool in helping them teach their kids how to tie their shoes…there’s something here for everyone.  

Tie Buddies

Tie Buddies Help your little ones learn to tie their shoes faster with Tie Buddies®, adorable, kid-friendly devices that make learning this important life skill fun for all! Recommended by kindergarten teachers everywhere, Tie Buddies® take the frustration out of the equation by acting as simple pull tabs that are easy to grip for tiny hands. With cheerful characters adorning the tabs, and a story to help remember all of the steps it takes to effectively tie a pair of shoes, your child will be on the way to independently tying shoelaces in no time!




Blamtastic Blamtastic Lip Balm is good stuff created by good kids! Cruelty-free and free of petroleum and parabens, Blamtastic Lip Balm offers luscious lip balms for girls and potent lip protection for guys. With fun flavors, like OMG (Oh, My Grape), Cherry Nilla, and Lemon-Liscious for young ladies, and Frenetic Fizz, Radioactive and Brain Squeeze for the guys – all Blamtastic lip balms are made with SPF 15 for superior sun protection


Tooth Tissues

Tooth Tissues™ Tooth Tissues are soothing for teething gums with aloe vera, paraben free, and formulated with xylitol, which is a proven cavity fighter.  Invented by dentists who wanted to develop a natural product that makes this task quick and simple, Tooth Tissues™ comes in a convenient package filled with 30 disposable wipes.


Picky Sticky

Picky Sticky Picky Sticky, the original creator of monthly onesie stickers offers moms, dads (and grandparents too) a new, fun way to record your little one growing right before your eyes.   Each set of Picky Sticky’s comes in an individual cellophane package with a card that details how they can be used. Picky Sticky makes for a perfect shower gift.   Available in an array of bright and fun designs to match your style.



Straw-lution The Straw-lution Straw makes a variety of cups and food containers less messy and more portable, because the straw stays put! No more dropped or thrown straws to be replaced! By simply pushing the straw through the top of the container, everyone from nine months to ninety years, can enjoy a snack or drink, free from spoons and mess. Touted as “the straw that goes in but doesn’t come out,” the Straw-lution Straw is made in the USA with pride. It is BPA-Free, dishwasher safe, and available in four kid fun colors.

CurlyQ Cuties

CurlyQ Cuties  CurlyQ Cuties, is a company that specializes in custom, handmade, plush toy Monsters. Designing your own Monster is simple, even for a child, and can be done with a few clicks at www.DesignAMonster.com. It’s also a wonderful activity for parents and children to do together.  After selecting the Monster’s shape, children can choose their new friend’s color, eyes, belly shape, and mouth shape.  After each selection, customers get to see how their Monster will look prior to purchase.

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