5 Tips for Managing Your Work-Life Balance

It’s a constant struggle for most people – how to maintain your job while maintaining the rest of your life.

Some people work too much and miss the important things in life. Others neglect their jobs in lieu of what they really love. In both scenarios, something is lacking. Now that we can be connected through our smart phones, it’s hard to truly separate ourselves at times.

Here are 5 tips from coach, author and motivational speaker Nathan R. Mitchell to help keep you a little more in control of the demands of your life and your job. Mitchell is the founder of Clutch Consulting.

Slow Down

This is a hard one for people who think the more you work, the more you succeed. However, events in Japan remind us that you just never know how long you will be here to enjoy the people and things you love. If you need to, put important events into your calendar to make sure you don’t skip or forget.  Plus, these personal things can help you refocus on your job when you return.

Don’t Procrastinate

Putting things off just makes things worse, especially if you are “organizationally-challenged.”  Mitchell says to set reasonable goals with definite deadlines for yourself and hold yourself to these dates. Over time, you will feel so much better and have more time for yourself.

Don’t Let the Little Things Take Over

Little things pile up and make you feel overwhelmed. Mitchell says to remember the book “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff,” by Richard Carlson. If you make a list of the things that don’t really impact your life and a list of things that are completely out of your control, it will help you recognize what are the things you do need to worry about.

Set Priorities

Instead of just saying “I give up,” make a list of the things you hope to accomplish the following day both personally and for business. Cut yourself some slack if you can’t get through all of it but if you make it through 80-90%, you are doing really well!


Learning to say no is hard for driven, ambitious people. It makes us think we are missing something or giving up an opportunity. But at times, we have to draw the line and stop taking on too much. Really think about what you get involved in and let go of the guilt for the things you pass on.

What tips can you share with others about how you keep your work/life balance?

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