19 Really Cool Gadgets for Your Office or Cubicle

That’s right, I’m filing today’s FamilyFirst pick under business. That’s because, as long as you purchase any of these items for use in a work environment, they should stand up to IRS inspection as tax deductions.
Well, no guarantees, of course, except this one:
You will LOVE these nineteen cool gadgets!
The gadgets range from simple and inexpensive (e.g. the USB coffee warmer) to the outrageous (a corporate root, available for two hours rental at $1000).
But whether they are within reach of your own office budget or not, you’ll have to agree that they are seriously fun!

Here’s an example: the Carpet Skates:

These were too funny not to include! Just slip these guys over your shoes and their sheer surfaces will reduce the friction enough to allow you to glide at blinding speed across your office carpet! Late for that 3 o’clock meeting on the other side of the floor? No problem any more! Note: Speed skating/ninja suit not included, though strange glances from your coworkers are something you’ll be sure to attract.

Sounds fun, but can you IMAGINE the static electricity shocks???
Enjoy the other eighteen cool gadgets, too:
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